Time in PC

A Windows application to keep track of time spent in computer.

July 2015 - Tools: F# .NET, sqlite

Journeyman Series: From Journeyman to Master

Micro blogs about 2 different topics that I’m very passionate about. Sort of an experiment to test whether they will help me develop further on the topics.

I plan to post there frequently findings that helped develop my learning on the topic.

January 2015 - Tools: Tumblr

Guitar Tools in Excel

July 2014 - Tools: Excel

Statistical Tools in Excel

July 2014 - Tools: Excel

Stocks price monitor

Waiting for a stock price to rise to a certain value to sell it? or waiting for the price to drop to a certain value to buy it? But don’t want to be checking it every day? Here’s a little automation that check it for you.

This script will send you an email when stock price is outside the defined thresholds.

Also, have done before the same in ruby.

code - web - July 2013 - Tools: Clojure

Picsort - Picture organizer

After downloading photos from a camera, this application organizes the pictures into folders, so that you/me don’t have to do that manually.

Also, have done the same in ruby and in python.

code - web - January 2013 - Tools: Clojure

In Page Debug tool

A visual debug tool to inspect custom tracking code placed in the different html elements of a web page, to ease the debugging of web analytics tracking code.

The general solution of injecting javascript into a page from a bookmark, is very usefull for many applications, especially if when combined with javascript online hosting, i explain most of the solution i used in javascript bookmarks.

code - web - August 2012 - Tools: javascript

Table.query (aka R’s sqldf in Ruby)

A small library that given a set of data it transparently inserts it into a sqlite database and then allows for very flexible querying (SQL). Usefull for ad-hoc data tasks that read data from some file or api that require quick analysis. Adding data into a sqlite database will also allow for the data to be bigger than memory can fit. Inspired by R’s sqldf.

code - web - October 2013 - Tools: Ruby

Dashboard Builder

A framework for building up interactive html dashboards in ruby. Contains implementation of both simple & multivariate regression for visualizing trends, supports fetching email attachments / content as data sources, allows for posting the end result onto a confluence wiki page.

code - web - June 2011 - Tools: ruby, javascript, html

Linear & Logistic Regression

A collection of exercises from the OpenClassRoom machine learning classes. Serve as a reference in implementing linear and logistic regression with some added debugging features in R.

March 2011 - Tools: R

cov3 - Custom Web Crawler

A clojure, selenium based web crawler with a couple of variations that i found useful. Cov3 crawls pages with the intention of executing (javascript)tests / validations on each of the pages it opens. The original idea of a web crawler is that given an initial page it keeps on following all links it finds in the same domain until all pages are visited. I added a couple of variations: Given a sitemap.xml it randomly samples part of it(useful for big sitemaps) and follows those urls executing some test. And another option is a csv file, with the urls and tests to execute on each.

code - web - May 2010 - Tools: clojure, selenium

jQuery Twitter ‘mini’ plugin

A jQuery plugin to display a twitter feed on a web page(blog for example). The twitter api feed, i found, has an annoying particularity of not always returning the requested number of tweets, so i added a feature that until it gets the right amount of messages it keeps on fetching. Thats useful when you want to fill a web page space with exactly 3 messages. Also included a “time ago” date calculations based of john resig code, with an added local timezone shift.

code - web - April 2010 - Tools: javascript, jquery

The Daily Extract

Scripts that automate the process of aggregating data in a database, extracting it, outputting results into csv files and sending them over by sftp. Very feature rich: task list queue, full logging, email reports, sql templating, sftp support, extract volume validation, unit testing. And with a strong convention over configuration theme.

In Aug 2009 i did a somewhat similar 2nd version of the daily extract, but this time using clojure, with added features: web front end for task queue manipulation, statistics on extracted volumes and sqlite for storing the task list queue and statistics over time.

code - 2007&2009 - Tools: ruby, jruby, clojure

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