Product and Application Design


#1 Give something back to users

Computers are made to make people’s live easier, do something that makes life easier/better for end user.

Dogfood: It should solve my problem, very important that me the inventor need it also and i must be an intensive user.


Application Design

Always consider the end user point of view

How would my main target audience use it use it? Does the UI makes sense and is obvious, could things be simplified further.

UI: Easy and simple to use

The ui of the tools determine / limit their usage (success in adoption, incentive a certain type of design, etc…). Ex:

Requirement: must be easy and get out of the way, user does not need to know internal technology details. Do Roleplay, imagine how a user without knowing the technology details would use it.

Good example google search box, the most useful and simple (to use) application ever ?

UI is a key thing, needs constant constant curation and re-thinking, it should enable a good workflow, should be a multiplier of the program core abilities, UI is not just a way for user to reach its core abilities, think of Ableton live UI, that even breaks with the original paradigm of the music production and mixing, when needed, and takes advantage of computer abilities to make for a better workflow.

Program Architecture

API product tutorials

An API style of product is a product made to be re-used (as all should be), and that requires proper references on information how to use it:


Keeping in touch with the product community and maintaining an active community is key.


The visuals of how the product is exposed to end users, logo, brand design, colors, styles, approach that should be always consistent recognizable and associated to the product. Helps to make a stronger consistent product.

New vs Old

There’s a balancing act of old and new products, not all new products are good, most of them will be unsuccessful (how to distinguish the good new early ?). But the future is with disrupting the old, creating newer, more efficient ways or how some say is really by progressively re-inventing the old. (Also is there any real new ? I would say is more a progressive evolution, like the natural evolution theories)

At the same time some old things were too advanced for the time, that they were not adopted immediate and got forgotten (Lisp, Smalltalk). There are excellent gems of the past that are worth re-using in the future.

Would imagine that being able to leverage new technological breakthroughs when re-inventing more efficient ways to do the old is the way to go ? ex:


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