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Precepts of Work


Precepts of Productivity


Precepts of Creativity

Precepts of Tackling a Problem


Precepts of Tools


Getting Things Done Process

  1. Write down all the stuff to achieve an empty mind from worries
  2. Review the written list, for each item
    • what is the next step to do?
    • if not actionable delete it (and save as reference).
    • less then 2 mins then do it!
    • longer than 2 mins defer for later into TODO list (defer tool: calendar reminders)
    • Organize the TODO list by priority
    • Do it

Tackling a project (a bigger task)

  1. Purpose - the why
  2. Outcome visioning - what should look like / behave.
  3. Brainstorm solutions
  4. Organize what (components) needs to be tackled in what priority.
  5. Identify next actions


Always thought that competition on money can also be a good thing (although is evil most of the time), because it is in an incentive for sellers to create disruptive technology to get the competitive edge. But just realized is not about the money in particular, is more about a specific “scarce resource”, any scarce resource will work just as well as incentive (as a goal) for competitive breakthroughs. Money is just the current civilization most valued resource. Also just realized money in itself is not evil, evil are (evil culture background) people who make unfair shortcuts to get more of the scarce resource (money), and potentially make other people’s life worst.



The key to a safe presentation, is in preparation, prepare the script that runs by the whole presentation beforehand, simulate in mind the previous day all the whole presentation. (Simulation is a great tool, not only presentations)

With experience the ability to improvise it, will increase and, thus requiring less up front preparation.


Is a tool. Using Mathematics is about abstracting a problem into the math language (equations & functions).

And then using the Math language manipulation features to solve the problem (within the Math context, already abstracted away from the domain problem). It abstracts away from the domain problem into a Math problem, that can be manipulated all in Math context.

Using Math: first step is actually learning how to represent a problem in the math language. (for that you need to have a background know how of the language, but that background is actually not the purpose - math education nowadays).

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