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Rule of Thumb

Our bodies are result of evolution over thousands of years on a specific diet and on a specific type of physical exercise, and that is what the body was “trained” to understand better, so the closer we live to that the more likely to be healthier.

Experiment, although every body has common needs, every body has unique needs also, some will be more deficient in greens, some more deficient in proteins, some saturated with cholesterol, etc… so test and experiment for your unique case and your background to find what works best. Same goes for sport.

On the Plate


General Food Guidelines


Loosing Weight

To loose weight, eat less calories than body consumes:

Food and Nutrients:

Note that loosing weight is normally healthy, but not mandatory. When loosing weight too fast, beware of nutrient deficiency.

Observation: losing weight makes one smarter. I’ve heard this explained by evolution: long time ago we sometimes found ourselfs without food, and in those times naturally the brain gets “smarter” in order to solve the food problem.


Low Carb Diet

Great to loose weight, lack of carbs forces body into ketosis state, which burns fat instead of carbs, causing weight loss.

As with anything else, too much of 1 thing might be bad if prolonged for too long, so probably better for only a limited period of time.

Beware very monotone diets can lead to specific nutrient deficiency.


Sport & Exercise

Reference: The Truth About Exercise

Body Recovery


Truth about vitamins:



Blood cholesterol is a key indicator, and strongly related to heart disease and for cancer development.

Animal products are strongly correlated with dietary fat intake, animal products are very fat by default

Reference: “the china study” book.

Avoiding Burnout

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