Government should do AB testing

Government should do AB testing

In a very simplified view:

A Governments goal is to manage a country to improve it, for that it:

That is, it creates decisions that when applied to a country hopefully leads to a better country.

But then the question is, once a Gov. decision is applied how to tell its real impact? that is:

Imagine a world where:

Turns out, this is in fact a very common problem across many domains:

How does medicine makes sure a new treatment works?

Experimentation, also known as AB testing !

Pick a group of people with the same disease put part of the people on the new drug and the rest of group without it.
Give it some time.
Compare: Are the ones taking the drug getting better? exactly by how much?

“Science !”

Ok, real world is not as simple, sometimes is not feasible to run a clean experiment. Or it might take to long, etc…

Nevertheless, we should try as much as possible go towards that direction.
If the experimentation would part of a Government’s DNA, am convinced over the years infrastructures would be created to allow run experimentation.

Betting in future this (or some variation of it) will be commonplace.

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