Data Analysis Process

Structured Data Analysis: CoNVO

CoNVO is a structured way to tackle data analysis problems. Uses a few steps to decompose the problem, structure the analysis, sketch out a solution and envision how is going to be acted upon. Is essentially looking first at the big picture and then rationally walk towards a solution to the problem.

A written down CoNVO is done before start implementing a data analysis solution.


Context is the defining frame, that is apart from the particular problem we are interested in solving.


This department in a large company handles marketing for a shoe manufacturer with a large online presence. The department’s end goal is to convince new customers to try its shoes and to convince existing customers to return again. The final decision maker is the VP of Marketing.


What are the specific needs that could be fixed by intelligently using data? These needs should be presented in terms that are meaningful to the organization.

These are not well defined needs:

Well defined needs are instead:

This step is about identifying the problem:



The vision is a glimpse of what it will look like to meet the need with data. It consists of a mockup of the argument we’re going to make, that tackles the need.



Beware of the KPI rabbit hole: KPIs are incentives, and is fairly impossible to predict fully all effects of an incentive up front. Thus too narrow focus, especially on single KPIs can easily become counter-productive. => Use multiple KPIs, don’t forget common sense.



How the work will actually make it back to the rest of the organization and what will happen once is there. How will it be used?

Implementing CoNVO

After the written down CoNVO, we then go into applying the sketched out vision:


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